- Invite a cat to wherever you are, virtually. AR app for cat enthusiasts -

My Role / Lead UX and UI

Team / Yuki Hirayama and Dr. Sorachai Kornkasem 

The benefits of watching cat videos explained, scientifically

 A study published in November 2015 issue of Computers in Human Behavior, has found that watching a video of an adorable cats boosts the viewer’s positive emotions, gives them an energy bump, and decreases negative feelings.


  • You can select a cat from cat library contributed by other users or 3D scan a cat of your own
  • You can invite and pet the cat in your environment
  • The cat will walk around in the environment you scan
  • Not only do you enjoy watching the cat in your environment but also you can create a cat video and share, without owning a cat

Design process

Market Research / Ideations

 Our exploratory findings told us that most available pets products on the market are for kids. Most products are related to animation functionalities that do not engage into AR.

IA and User Flows

Assets created for User Testings

Final Design