Haiti Now

- Creating the first APP experience for school teachers and staff at accelerated education program in Haiti -

My Role   / Lead UX and UI

How might we design an app for people who don’t have app literacy...

where you have limited access to electricity, wifi and limited data storage for the app?


 90% of primary schools in Haiti are non-public and are managed by private businesses, religious congregations, local and international non-governmental organizations. Access to technology is severely limited and is made worse by the unreliability of electricity. In the past, Haiti Now has provided books and other materials to other schools to help educate children.   Beginning in the fall of 2018, Haiti Now intends to operate its own Accelerated Education School. Students will live at the facility and attend classes there.


  • The users, teachers and support staff in Haiti don’t have app literacy = user experience / interaction design should well align with fundamental human affordances.
  • The limited access to electricity, wifi in Haiti and limited data storage at Salesforce for this project = no images should be included. The design should accommodate these conditions without compromising the function of the app.

Project Goal

 Design an android mobile app for local teachers and school administrations in Haiti to monitor and record school system, including students attendance and grades. So that unlike a paper based system, this app allows teachers to track and report on late arrivals, assist at-risk students and report on trends. 





    User Journey (Teacher / Attendance)


    Style Guide


    Design features for attendance

    1. We added a color-coded feature to notify teachers where students’ attendance rates fall under  “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”
    2. We wanted to reduce user task, but to minimize the risk of accidental data entries, we incorporated another step to save the data entry after the user select a command
    3. Vivid color contrasts and succinct words for the user to easily identify each command




    This project is ongoing and will be updated when more progress is made.